Similar Sites Search Tools 2020- Best Step By Step Guide

similar sites

similar sites

The very first step after you have set up your blog or website is to find similar sites and then to trace them to find how they are getting traffic.

You can easily find similar sites like that of your blog and website using the following tools.


Semrush is the best tool you can find on the entire internet to get similar websites and other blog or site analysis in bulk.

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2. Sitechecker

This is all in one SEO tool that comes with the following features

Website Health Checker

Launch SEO audit for the whole website

Website Rank Checker

Check website positions by keywords

Free Backlink Checker

Check your backlinks to gain more traffic

On-Page SEO Checker

Submit URL to check SEO Parameters

Website Traffic Checker

Estimate traffic stats by channels

Website Changes Monitoring

Track changes critical for SEO instantly

Website Rank Tracker

Track website positions by keywords

Website Backlink Tracker

Track backlinks you have built or found

How to Find Similar Sites to Track Competitors Websites

  • Enter your domain name [ site name ] in the tool above or in the website traffic checker.
  • Analyze the SERP checker. Choose the best keywords for your business.
  • Check all the sites which are ranked at the top of the SERP tool.
  • Try website Explorer from another website Ahrefs. One of the tabs shows websites that rank in organic search results for the same keywords as the target website in the country.

How to analyze similar sites

When you collect a list of similar sites, this is a good time to find out their strengths.

  • Crawl competitors’ websites and research their site structure.
  • Compare how much traffic has each of them related to others.
  • Check backlinks for each website and collect a list of backlinks that refer to the majority of competitors.
similar sites
similar sites

3. Ubersuggest

Apart from the Ahrefs tool as discussed above, this tool is also from the world’s number one digital marketer Neil Patel.

This tool used to be free till 2020 but now has been made paid partially. Still, membership cost has been kept very low as compared to other sites.

Ubersuggest is a most worthy tool after Semrush which stands at number one in the list.

4. Alexa – Free and Paid

Alexa is a site analysis tool from Amazon. If you want to use Alexa similar sites tool then you need to put a website for analysis in Alexa. It will also show 5 or 4 other similar sites along with the stats of the site that you are tracking. If you need to find similar sites in bulk you need to upgrade to paid plan but these 4 to 5 suggestion comes for free.

You can find Alexa’s similar website tool here.

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Bonus Video

How to find similar sites?

You can find similar sites by using online tools like SemRush Sitechecker Pro or Alexa etc.

Can I find Websites like Mine for Free?

You can find 4 to 5 similar sites using similar website finder tools like Alexa. You don’t need to sign up for 5 similar sites links generated by Alexa.

Why should We Find Similar Sites?

We need to find similar sites in order to steal their traffic sources and backlink sources. We can also check which keyowrds are bringing our competetors more traffic.

How to Find Similar Websites to Our Competitors ?

You can use online similar sites tools to find your Competitors websites or blogs. Similar site finder tools comes with membership package and free as well.

What is Meant by Similar Sites?

Similar Sites mean other wbsites of our competetors in the same niche as that of ours.

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