7 Online Earning Websites Without Investment [ TRUSTED ] 2021

online earning websites

online earning websites


Want to earn online? Searching for Online Earning Websites without investment to start working today? Or looking for ways on how to earn money online in India. Many online money making sites without investment nowadays offer ways to start a job and earn a living. But what most of them don’t offer is how to earn money from home without any investment. I know most of you are scrolling through various pages and trying to find the perfect Online Earning Websites that can help you embark on your journey of working online.

Finding trusted Online Earning Websites without investment is not that easy. But we have got you covered with these websites mentioned below. After researching a lot on how to make money online without investment through Online Earning Websites. Going through various unreliable websites, we found the perfect 7 websites to help you earn money online.

Online Earning Websites

List of Online Earning Websites

Before we get started with the list of online earning websites, you should know that these require skills. Now, don’t worry, you don’t have to be a genius in these online jobs. Even having beginner to intermediate skills can help you earn a handsome package. So, let’s get straight to the point and help you choose the perfect trusted online money making sites without investment.


I have some experience working on Fiverr, Upwork, and Chegg India. Trust me it is the best way to start your self-employment journey. If you are passionate about something which you want to share with the world, then Fiverr and Upwork can prove to be the best medium for this.

You can start your own gig (niche service) on Fiverr and Upwork and register for free. You can choose from a large variety of services before starting. Options like Graphic designing, teaching, digital marketing, content writing, virtual assistant, translator, film editing, coding and programming, web development, social media handling, and many more are available for you to make a name in the industry, pay your bills, and maintain a certain living standard.

Many people freelance these days and are at least able to satisfy their conscience by doing something they love. Because working your daily job can become monotonous and you get stressed out.

Don’t get me wrong here that you need to have a degree or some work experience. Even students and dropouts can start their online jobs by registering here for free.

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Freelancing on this online money making sites without investment can prove to be a boon for you. It doesn’t matter if you already have a job, because you can do this at your own pace (part-time). You can explore your passion and earn income without investment.

Chegg is an educational portal that empowers like-minded, career-driven, and passionate people to share their subject expertise. In order to support the students by means of internet learning could be a great resource for Online Earning Websites. With an easy to use the platform and incredible support team, this is the place where you can begin to mentor students online and earn money in India.

Sell on E-bay

Before going down the ‘amazon seller’ route, you can go for this option to get started in the online selling business. Now I know, you must be wondering that E-bay is used to sell products online and I don’t have any money to make/invent products.

There is still a way you can pull this off, just to start your online job as an E-bay seller. So, for this, you can go to the local market and buy cheap handmade products which should be special or one of a kind. You can sell the product at a higher price.

Trusted Online Earning Websites in 2021

Let’s assume you meet a craftsman who makes handmade cups, you buy his item for Rs 350 and sell it for Rs 500. Congratulations you made Rs 150 for 1 cup, Rs 3000 for 20 cups, and 15,000 for a 100.

You became a seller as soon as you sold a cup, so you just invested Rs 350 and made a Rs 150 profit on each sale. Now, you have some money to start selling your own products, or you can continue this, by making more contacts. (Bulk orders will help you earn more)

Having 152 million active users makes E-bay a great selling for new sellers and the existing ones. If you were wondering about how to make money online in India, then this might be a great option to consider.

Monetizing Videos on YouTube

Making a YouTube channel is like a yardstick for all content creators. Your job is to stand out from the pre-existing somewhat monotonous videos. Well Online Earning Websites without investment isn’t going to be a cakewalk, but that doesn’t mean it is difficult and requires a serious set of skills.

Your aim is to find a niche, which is unique and in which you can deliver. It’s not very tough if you really think about it. It’s just about gaining acceptance through your content. For eg Bhuvan Bam makes one kind of video every month and earns from it. That’s because his videos aren’t like others, they are original and funny.

Top Online Earning Websites

The monetization part comes after this. Now to answer the question of how to earn from online money making sites without investment, you just have to reach a benchmark of 10,000 subscribers. You have to register on google AdSense, and you start earning through ads on your channel by Online Earning Websites.

You can also earn through product placements, promotions, and sponsors.

Mr. Beast a well-known YouTuber earns money by giving away money. I know that sounds absurd, but it’s the truth. He gets money from sponsors and gives it all away in his videos.

For Eg, He gave away a $100,000 house to a homeless guy. Now don’t get me wrong, you don’t earn that kind of money so easily in a month. What he did was that used the sponsor’s money which he gets per view and YouTube’s money which he gets the same way. So YouTube is the USA apparently pays $2000 for 1 million views and takes 45% from it. So the user gets $1100 per million and he gets about double the money from sponsors. As his video reached 37 million views because of this unique approach, he earned more than that to cover up for the $100,000.

The point is online jobs are easy to start but is just like any other job. So you have to be unique with your approach in your field. And this is how to earn money online without investment.

Becoming an Amazon Associate

Becoming an Amazon associate is the same as doing affiliate marketing. Now if you don’t know what is affiliate marketing, it is the promotion of somebody else’s product online using various mediums like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Blogs, Websites, etc.

Your job as you now must have understood is just to market a product through various mediums and earn of commission.

On Amazon, you can start this very easily and you have a high chance of selling too because it’s Amazon.

You can make your amazon associates account for free on Amazon Affiliate Program, while registering they may ask you to link a website, you can link your Facebook page link too if you have ample friends/followers.

After registering you can simply start earning money through this online job. Your task is to sell amazon’s pre-existing top listed products, for which the list would be provided to you already.

If you like to write, then you can also practice writing product descriptions to increase the chance of selling the product from your link.

For every successful sale, you earn a 2% to 20% commission, depending on the product’s price.

Doing Affiliate Marketing for Hotel Booking sites

After reading about the above online job, you now know how to earn money online without paying anything. You know about affiliate marketing and how you earn through it. If you skipped through number 4, then in a nutshell – affiliate marketing involves you to promote third-party content on your website, blog, social media, or WhatsApp. You earn a commission for every successful commission.

The difference in this category is that it’s very focused on Hotel booking. If you have a knack for suggesting the best places to stay in a particular region(s), then it’s going to come as an advantage for you in this field.

You should have knowledge about hotels, resorts and motels for every and any occasion.

You can start your Hotel Booking based affiliate marketing journey on Booking.com. But for that you need a website of your own focused on hotel booking, or social media will do.

If you want to have a website then you should understand that online money making sites without investment gives rise to some basic challenges. For instnce making your own website, but the good thing is you can do it for free on Wix, Weebly, and Ucraft.

After that, you can design your website by simply using drag and drop tools, which are super easy to use. So, after writing and publishing the appropriate content and gaining some audience you can promote Booking.com packages on your website.

As mentioned, a simpler option is social media which can give you a base for your Online hotel booking affiliate business.

To take inspiration from hotel booking based pages – you can check out Osbourne Hotel, Town Hall Hotel, Moxy Hotels on Instagram and Facebook. These can help you start your own business and step foot inside this industry.


Media.net is the answer for you on how to earn online in India. If you are still confused about the online money making sites without investment or online working websites without investment. Don’t worry, through Media.net you can earn money on any website.

Media.net is an advertising service platform that will provide your website with advertisements from all over the world. Every click per view is rewarded by a small commission. Every action on the displayed ad will fetch you money.

It is similar to Google AdSense, but in today’s time not all blogs are accepted by AdSense due to the competition and high rate. So AdSense follows some very strict policies. Therefore Media.net can help you out in this situation by maximizing your revenue and getting your ads on your website.

Google AdSense

If you wonder how a blog, website, or free service sites make money, then you should know that Google AdSense is behind it. Google AdSense can pay anything from $0.20 to $15 per click on an ad, but most people end up making only $2 per click. 

Source for AdSense money data – Click Here

Google AdSense is the most commonly used, most popular, and extremely reliable service for online money making sites without investment. It helps you to get ads on your blog, website, or business. All you need to do to earn online without investment is register for free. Then only if you have a pre-existing website with followers, you have a chance to earn money. But keep in mind that AdSense is better than other ad services because there is no minimum threshold required.

Advertisement service providing Online Earning Websites like MediaVine.com offer a better income but has a minimum requirement of 30,000 page views, which everybody doesn’t have.

The goal here is to not focus on money, not care about what google AdSense has to offer and what MediaVine or other similar sites have to offer.

If you plan to succeed in this Online Earning Websites, then you must follow your passion. I know you must have heard it about a million times and hearing it again isn’t going to fill your bank account with money. So, let’s cut to the chase. You can’t be certain about your income in online jobs, you don’t know how many people will view your page and click on ads, you can only hope.

So, you can focus on writing better, providing better, understanding your audience’s needs, and giving them that. Automatically money will come, and there is no limit to earning online eg Createandgo.com blog made $203.457 in April 2020.

Final Thought

This concludes the list of the best options and the best way to earn money online in India. And covers the best tactics and ways on online money making sites without investment.

The thing is when you consider online jobs as your major source of income you should keep in mind to first check their credibility because many websites are quite intricate with their approach to get you started.

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