How to Start a Blog for Free in 2021 ( 5 Steps Best Guide )

start a blog for free

start a blog for free

Are you looking for a free, easy, step-by-step guide on how to start a blog for free? Well then you are at the right place, so without any further Addo, lets jump right in and see :

How to start a blog for free in 2020?

Here is a step by step guide about how to start a blog for free in 2020 and then how to make it successful.

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Click on the “Create Your Blog” button.
  • Step 3: Sign in using your existing Gmail Account.
  • Step 4: Choose your blog name [ should be unique which is not taken by others].
  • Step 5: Write your first Article.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are done. Your blog is now live and you can share this article with your social media or your contacts.

But wait, have you created this blog just to publish your thoughts or experiment?

If “Yes” then fine, but what if you could turn this into professional career options and make yourself a full-time blogger earning millions out of your same blog that you just created?

Wouldn’t that be great?

You may think that it’s not possible to make millions out of a blog but before you jump to conclusion so fast just Google these guys ( Neil Patel, Harsh Agrawal, Amit Agrawal, Kulwant Nagi, Miss Malini ) and see how they are living a boss free life and famous like any other celebrity.

Yes, its quite possible, but you should remember that you need to make this your passion and if it’s your passion you will start taking it seriously.

If you consider it a serious business then read this article till the end and I promise you will be proud of your time that you are investing today to read this.

How to convert your free blog into Million Dollar Business?

Well, the first thing you need to understand is that million-dollar does not come for free. It takes a lot of hard work and passion and focus to make this happen.

To be honest, if you think it’s easy to become a blogger if you have all these things, you better pull your socks up because 95% of people fail in blogging or end up with nothing.

So if you are putting this much of your time and efforts with the expectation of glamourous business life, you should not opt for a free blog. You should invest in a domain, hosting, advertisement and backlinks to make your blog quickly famous.

But before jumping to that phase let’s first focus on the key thing and deeply understand what blog actually means.

What is a blog? [ How To Start A Blog For Free ]

As per Wikipedia ” A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web “.

This was a typical definition. But in simplest words “A blog is an online collection of web pages which acts as a source of information “.

Now I am glad that you have understood the purpose and definition of a blog. But let’s see why so many people fail in blogging and why others become so successful.

To understand this, we need to check what successful bloggers actually have that unsuccessful bloggers don’t.

Who are Successful bloggers?

  • Bloggers are a self-disciplined enthusiast who wants to spread the word with their knowledge and research.
  • They help themself by helping others and live a free life visiting the entire world with the ability to work from anywhere.
  • They are creative brains who want to live a life with no bounds and accept no limits on their creativity.
  • I want to work from anywhere while on the move.
  • Want to be their own boss.

Now let’s learn how to enter this amazing world of bloggers where you can earn millions at the comfort of your home and gain global recognition as well.

How to start a blog for free [ no, not free this time ] but for business purposes now.

At first, we will make a list of things that we need in order to start a blog from scratch.

Here are the things that we need:

  1. We need a laptop, mobile with internet ( you already have it ).
  2. A domain name.
  3. Web Hosting.
  4. WordPress theme [ If you are going to start with WordPress CMS]
  5. WordPress Plugins [ For making your blog feature-rich ]

Let’s get started with the second step in the list above as we already have the first requirement as per the list.

1. Buy A Domain Name

As you already know, a domain name like is a unique identity of your blog where the “yahoo” part is called the “domain name” and “.com” is its extension.

You should choose a “.com” extension for your domain because it’s one of the top-level domain (TLD) extensions and used for commercial purpose domains.

But, before you buy a domain, below are the things which you need to consider about the domain that you have selected.

Checking Things Before Buying A Domain

Tips to Select the Domain Name

  • It’s better if your domain name is shorter in length about 5 or 6 characters long.
  • Your domain name should not have numeric value ( 1-9 ) in its name like or hyphen ( – ) in it like for good.
  • In the case of niche sites or blogs, it’s better if the domain name starts with the name of the niche. Let’s take an example of a bike blog that will rank good if it starts with the word “bike”, like Only initial letters are considered, later characters could be anything like
  • Select any random domain provider because it actually does not matter from which provider you have bought your domain but normally Namecheap has the best offers on domains.

2. Buy Web Hosting

Web hosting is what you require after registration of the domain to host your website files. You need a web server that runs 24×7 so that your website is accessible all the time to users over the internet.

Things to check about your hosting provider

There are lots of web hosting providers around the globe but if you are just starting with the first website, doing more research will mislead your opinion than the current requirement.

So at this stage, one of the best web hostings which you should buy keeping your budget and requirement in balance is A2 Hosting.


A2 Hosting start-up cost is very low and servers are of very high quality and uptime of the servers is extremely high. If your business does well and you need more robust servers, you can easily upgrade without any downtime of your website.

Secondly, they have 30 days money-back guarantee which is currently at 0 claims for a refund. Means all those bloggers who bought hosting from them never filed for refund as they were satisfied with them.

Otherwise, it would be very much extra workload to migrate your host and transfer your site unnecessarily.

Why not opt for free hosting platforms?

Starting your blogging journey with free hosting is like going for war with blunt weapons. Mean, if you go to war with blunt weapons thinking that it’s not sure that you will win the war.

So why to blunt up the sharp weapon and its better to carry blunt weapons so that if you lose the war you would save the sharpness of the weapons which are already sharp.

Now would you ever win that war with blunt weapons? I think you know the answer.

Blogging is a filed where you gain success after putting so many efforts. So till the time, you will realize you are not going to be successful, it’s already too late to surrender and you are left with no other way than making your success happen.

So again, if you doubt your success as a blogger, its better you do not start it or you will waste a lot of your time.

So going with the free hosting platforms like blogger or 000wehostapp it’s like surrendering even before going to war. They will spoil your visitor’s experience by shutting down the site with zero warnings and breaking your sales or leads eventually.

If you doubt your success and nee hand holing throughout your blogging journey, you can directly get in touch with me here and I will guarantee your success as a blogger. [ What will I get? – My commission out of your pure benefit ]

Here are the things that we have considered before selecting a hosting provider for you.

  • They should have a 24×7 live chat.
  • Easy to upgrade.
  • Should have served in the same country as that of your site userbase.
  • Calling number for SOS

Other things to consider while selecting your hosting providers are discussed in detail here. [ How to start a blog for free ]

So, we have done all the research work on hosting for you and you just need to click on this offer below to get an additional discount from A2 Hosting.

how to start a blog for free

If you have any questions, suggestions, or doubts, please drop them in the comments below and I will personally respond to each one of them.

3. Setting Up Your Blog

Once you have bought your hosting from A2 Hosting, you will get one-click software installation too along with it.

Now, let’s move to the real step and see how to start a blog for free.

  • Install WordPress using the one-click installation tool
  • Install a lightweight WordPress theme like Astra.
  • Install all necessary WordPress plugins like WP Total Cache, Akismet, RankMath or Yoast, Social Share for social media.

4. Writing Your First Article

Once you have set up WordPress now let’s start writing your first article.

Before writing your first article

Do proper keyword research. If you are not doing keyword research to know how much is the word being search on the internet that you are covering as the main topic in your article, then you are doing it wrong at the first step. [ How to start a blog for free ]

Before Publishing your article

Before publishing your first article you need to check the following things:

  • Make sure your article or blog doe not have any broken links. Use the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin to detect.
  • It should be clean, easy to read and 100 out of 100 on rank math or Yoast plugin.
  • It should have good on-page SEO.
  • Free of grammatical errors. Use Grammarly plugins to check your spellings and grammatical mistakes in your articles.
  • Add all Tags From Google Suggestions.
  • Add at least one link from Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
  • Install and Comply with Yost and Rank Math Plugins
  • Install FAQ and all other possible Rich Snippets and Rich Markups
  • Comply with rich snippets of Neil
  • Comply with SERP feature of Neil
  • Check for unique content. – Plagiarism Check
  • Check and comply with the Google Structured Data Testing Tool for both mobile and desktop versions.
  • Check and comply with Google Rich Result Checker.
  • Check page speed using Google insight and optimize accordingly.
  • Check Structure using W3C Validator
  • Check and Resolve issues with tools Pingdom to minimize Site Load Time
  • Check mobile optimization.
  • Social share plugin.
  • Share on Social Media [ FB Pages, Insta, YouTube, Twitter, Telegram, WhatsApp] .
  • Make a video post in parallel to a text post.

5. Adding Google Analytics

Once you have written and published your first article add your blog to Google Analytics. [ How to start a blog for free ]

Adding Your Blog to Google Search Console

Add your blog to Google Search Console from here

6. Optimizing Your Blog

Your blog needs to be optimized in order to show on the first page of Google search to gain organic visitors. Click here to see ways of optimizing your blog by means of SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

How to optimize your blog for better organic reach.

7. Monetizing Your Blog

Now its time to monetize your blog to earn money from it. As your site traffic goes up and up your chances of earning money increase accordingly.

  • Sign up for Google AdSense and place Google Ads on your blog.
  • Sell Ad space on your blog to brands and other advertisers.
  • Earn money from affiliate marketing.
  • Sell products on your site.
  • Sell courses on your site.

8. Spreading the Word About Your Blog

Set up your social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter Instagram, and YouTube.

  • Share your article on social media and spread the word with other means.
  • Promote your blog and articles through Google and Facebook Ads.
  • Write articles about how to start a blog for free.


Now you have a fully functional blog and you can start monetizing it to earn money out of it. Once you have enough money, I am sure you will never think of a free blog or even search on the internet any term like how to start a blog for free.


So in this article which started with your search on how to start a blog for free, you saw that it’s always better to take bogging as a career option. Once you have made your blog, you need to continuously work on it to keep it in good standing.

Here are things that you need to focus on after finalizing your blog and learn more about how to start a blog for free.

  • Reduce your bounce rate.
  • Increase user time on site.
  • Increase repeat user rate.
  • Capture visitors’ emails through convert kit.
  • Keep in touch with your users through social media and emails.
  • Keep Learning more about how to start a blog for free.

Bonus Video [ how to start a blog for free ]

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