How To Find Be Your Own Boss Jobs in 2021 ( 8 Best Tips & Guide )

be your own boss jobs

be your own boss jobs

Another hectic day on the job? Verbal spat with colleagues or performance sessions with the boss? Do you want to live your entire life like this or would you like to opt for some be your own boss’s jobs instead?

If YES, then you are in the right place.

Here, we will take you through a proven journey of being your own boss instead of the regular 9 to 6 job that you never liked to do.

There are 7 billion people on this planet, 99 % of em all are already roasting themself as 9 to 6 hardcore employees and that even for life.

I am glad, you are not one of them and whenever someone separates himself from this rat race, that is when he becomes special.

So I congratulate you on being special and active to look upon things and that is how you found this post.

Now let’s come to the real question.

Why Are You Searching For Be Your Own Boss Jobs ?

Are you fed up with your job? or are you not getting enough money to fulfill your dreams?

Whatever be your reason behind this thought, you are not alone. There are many like you who wants to work for themself and be their own boss.

In fact, “How to be your own boss jobs” is the most searched keyword on the internet today and this absolutely makes sense why people want to work for themselves instead of others. The answer is simple because you decide your own fortune by being an entrepreneur.

how to start your business
How to start your business

Still, before quitting your job let’s dive in and dig it more to understand why doing a job is not better than doing business.

Why to opt for be your own boss jobs?

Let’s have an analysis of job and why its much like life in a jail

Bound to stay within office premisesBound to stay within jail premises
Fear of boss all the timeFear of Jailer all the time
Need permission with a valid reason to go on leavesNeed permission with a valid reason to go on leave
Get HRA but no shelter after office work.Free shelter for the time you are there.
No 24×7 personal security.Z-Plus free security all the time 24×7
No free food, you need to spend your ownFree healthy food from Govt all the time

Now looking at the above comparison, you know-how unlucky were you if you would have chosen to spend your entire life in slavery which they call a JOB.

You are no better than animals if you don’t have confidence in yourself and you chose to rely on your employer to control your life with a handful of credit to your hard work and that even at their will until their mercy does not end up for you.

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How To Find Be Your Own Boss Jobs in 2021 ( 8 Best Tips & Guide ) 1

Why 9-6 regular jobs are not reliable and secure like be your own boss jobs ?

I have done a job for more than a decade and I thought its risk free to do a job. But as I grew up and became a manager in big firms, I found that I was wrong.

In our company, when I was at the post of the program manager, I discovered during team meetings with directors and chairmen of the company that they never know who is doing what on the floor and hardly knew, which resource in the team is best and who is worst. They only used to speak in NUMBERS.

They used to have a Google Sheet in front of them with salaries of employees listed against their names and here is an example of a conversation that used to happen.

Director: We have done an excellent job this year and our revenue went up by 25% but let’s light up things more by bringing some cost cut in the company.

So let’s find a replacement for some top paying team leaders or developers. For now, can you get rid of this developer taking XYX thousands with XYZ experience?

Me: Sir he is a good developer with great leadership skills we are expecting him a good future team leader.

Director: Okay, then fire the highest paying team leader and take him to his position, look for another replacement for that developer with some lesser experience.

Me: But the next resource we will have with the lesser experience won’t be able to perform like him. He knows our process and we have trust and confidence in him.

Director: This company used to work like this even before this guy was here and it will keep working the same way if he or somebody like him go out. Training and grooming the new resource is the job of this company and it’s your responsibility to make sure these in and out does not affect the smooth running of the process.

Why did I leave my regular job and went for be your own boss jobs ?

So you see, they are not bothered about how much effort, time, hard work is an employee putting up for their company. I still remember those expressions on the faces of people who were fired in front of me and I could easily relate myself with them as I also had dependants like them.

So here are the things that you can start with to make your life awesome.

But companies don’t care that employees also have liabilities like EMI of vehicle, home, family, medicals, etc.

They don’t give a dam. At the end of the day, all that matters for them is a pure benefit.

This was one incident, another incident was when the company was doing very good and everyone was expecting a salary hike or promotions but all of sudden they got a notification that the company is closing their operation as the owner has decided to sell all the assets and go abroad permanently.

Do things that you love with full passion for five years or you will do things that you don’t love for rest of your life.

Another incident was when a company was sold and the buying company fired all the highest paying employees right after the takeover.

These above incidents were from private sectors now let’s have a look at the jobs of people doing jobs in the Govt. sectors.

What’s wrong with Govt. Sector jobs?

People who prepare for Govt. job spend half of their life within books. They miss all the perks of their childhood and also struggle in young days to get a well paying, highly respected Govt. job.

But when they get it they are frustrated with the misbehaves of their officers, politicians, complaints of public and all other kinds of harassment which actually is not in their control.

You already read the stories when people file harassment cases on their seniors, top police officials are fired because of riots made by people, CBI arrests police offices, SDM shot by goons and even judicial officers being questioned by the upper bench for their judgments and so on.

No matter how hard an employee work, they hardly get appreciated but they are blamed quickly for even small hiccups.

So, now you see you do not control your employment, there are many factors which are not in your control and can take away your job at a stage when you are not in a position to start something new.

But till the time I got this harsh truth about the job, I was already in the ’30s and it was too late to quit and start something new. Still, I took the decision and today I am glad that I took that hard step. Because whatever I am today, it’s because of that tuff call I made. Now I am my own boss.

And I promise you would also be your own boss jobs. All you need is to make the right decision.

If you still are confused about job and self business, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you have a fan following?
  • Are you globally popular?
  • Are you an icon for youth?
  • Can you suddenly earn more by working more on the same job if needed?
  • Can you suddenly put your work aside and take a break with not worrying about money like its coming as passive income?
  • Are you not worried about your kid’s career as you already have something for them to carry on?

How to Start Your Own Business ?

You can’t start your own business once you have liabilities of your home’s EMI, you are planning for marriage or have kids and their school a degree fees, etc.

Another most frustrating thing about the job is that you are making money until your hands work. If you are sick or injured or something happens to you, your dependents are left with no options. But this is not the case if you have a business, they can carry forward your business but they can’t carry forward your job.

Even if you always love your job and don’t want to lose it at all, it’s awesome if you can have a side business that can help you like a side pillar to support you in all odds and bring extra glamour in your life.

So, here you go…

Answer to all these problems is one – work for yourself and be your own boss jobs.

How to Be Your Own Boss Jobs ?

be your own boss

But the thing is HOW? here is the answer in this small table below have a well paying the best way of living your life with the freedom to work from anywhere and anytime with no limit to work less or more.

But most of the people we know prefer a job over the business because they don’t know what else can be done to live a lavishing life.

I have no idea how you found this page but if you are fed up with your job and want to start a business with zero investment or want to do something sidewise with your current job then you have reached the right place to be your own boss jobs.

I will do all the hand holding to take you to the new path of freedom and self-respect that I earned for myself. I did that even when I was already in the ’30s. I had family, kids, EMI to pay but I did this with a job and was able to achieve my dream life.

I even left a well-paying Govt job for this life after I had already left the Program Manager post from a reputed firm and spent more than a decade as an employee in the private sector but never felt satisfied and status that I have earned after following be your own boss jobs strategy.


At last, we have learned that if we look around we won’t see anyone doing a job and still a billionaire. You need to take the risk, think out of the box and put your best on whatever is your passion and this way you will have to work just for five to ten years and you can have a happy retirement before the age of 40 or even before 30.

There is a saying

Try hard to fulfill your own dreamz or someone will hire you to fulfill their.

If you have doubts, please feel free to leave your comments below or like us on Facebook and Twitter

PS: Check out the lavishing life of people called Entrepreneurs, this is what it looks like being your own boss.

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