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Hindi bloggers are making millions from fresh audiences as their users do not know the difference between advertisement and site text being new in the internet industry. When I started Blogging, Hindi Blogs were not much. But on today's date, you will find one to one top Hindi bogs on the Internet.

But many internet users do not know about these Best Hindi Blogs. Because of this, he does not know many things and nowadays most internet users want to learn something new.

So if you are also a creative person who wants to learn a lot on the internet or do something online, then you must know about these Best Hindi Blogs.

Hindi Bloffer and their top Hindi blogs

Top 10 Indian Bloggers and their Earnings

Or if you like to read and are searching for some Best Blogs To Read In Hindi then this post for you.

Because I have collected blog sites of some such popular and best Hindi bloggers. Due to this, you will get to learn a lot in your own language. And you can also start your carrier on the Internet by following these Hindi Blog sites.

Top Hindi Blogs

Below I am telling you about Hindi Blogs of every popular category. Like, Blogging, Teach, blogging, All types of News, Motivation, and General Knowledge, Mobile Tips, Online Marketing Tips, Online Money Making and many more on Topic you can learn. And you can learn many new things.

India Ke Top 10 YouTubers (2021)

Best Hindi Teach Blogs


HMH is a very famous Hindi teach blog. In 2014 Rohit Mewada ji started this blog.

On this Hindi website, you can also learn about earning money online with Blogging, Mobile Tips, Computer Tips, Motivation.

Global Rank: 36,639

India Rank: 2,706


Hindime is a very best Hindi technology blog in the list of top hindi blogs. Along with Chandan, Prabhanjan, and sabina ji, some employees also work on this Hindi Me blog. And started this blog in February 2016.

On Hindime Blog, Blogging, SEO, Technology, Make Money share much more information.

Global Rank: 22,038

India Rank: 2,335


You will get to learn many technology things on this Famous Hindi Blog created in June 2014. Along with this, you will get to learn more tips and tricks in your own language with Computer, E-Tools.

Global Rank: 112,208

India Rank: 17,069


This Best Hindi Blog was started by Ashish Vishwakarma ji in June 2017. You can learn about computer on this hindi technology blog. Also, related information of Computer Courses like, DCA, PGDCA will also be found on this Hindi blog.

Global Rank: 87,483

Indian Rank: 11,811


This Hindi website was created by Nilesh Verma in August 2013. Blogging, social media marketing, the Internet, online money-making on Myhindi provide much more information.

Global Rank: 236,057

Indian Rank: 27,257

6) Vikashplus

On this Hindi blog site created by Nikhil Arora ji in 2015, you share many new business ideas with Blogging, Designing, WordPress, Mobile Tips & Tricks, Google AdSense, and many more.

Global Rank: 582,055

India Rank: 79,999

7) Hindi Techy

On this blog of Amit Saxena ji in Best Hindi blogs list, he shares information about much technical knowledge related to It, Computer, General Information, Jobs, MS Excel, Window 10, Programming Languages, and the internet. This Best Hindi Website was created by Amit ji in November of 2015.

Global Rank: 271,364

India Rank: 40,211

Top Hindi Blogging And SEO Sites

8) ShoutMeHindi is a very famous Hindi blogging site and this blog has been created by our very popular Hindi blogger of India, Harsh Agrawal ji. And on his blog, he provides information about WordPress, blogging, SEO, social media, new finance and bitcoin.

Global Rank: 45,252

India Rank: 4,529

9) Supportmeindia

Supportmeindia is also a good Hindi website in the list of top Hindi blogging sites.

Jume deen Khan ji has created this Hindi blog site in October 2015. And Jume deen Khan ji is a very best Hindi Blogger. Blogging In Hindi, Blogger, Online Money Making with WordPress, Internet Tips & Tricks, Online Business Ideas, Festival, share information about this blog site.

Global Rank: 43,289

India Rank: 3,525

10) is the best Hindi blogging site. On this site, I (Nirmal Ghimire) provide information about how to make money from the Internet with Blog, Blogging WordPress, SEO.

And I started the blog site in December 2015. There is only one purpose behind making this site of mine. And that is to share good and complete information about blogging to every Indian.

Global Rank: 384,692

India Rank: 45,233

11) Blogging

The founder of this Hindi blog, Arsad Noor ji created it in May 2016. And he shares information related to Blogging, SEO in Hindi on this blog.

Global Rank: 130,556

Indian Rank: 21,612

Top Hindi News Blog Sites


On this best Hindi news blog you will find shifty informative content. Like, Politics, Sports, Facts, History, Lifestyle, plus many more.

Information is shared on the topic.

Global Rank: 929

Indian Rank: 38

13) Khabar.Ndtv.Com

On this website you will find many categories of news. For example, you can know about Business, Bollywood, Cricket, Sports, big news and many more news in your language.

Global Rank: 318

India Rank: 34

14) Jagran.Com

Jagran is also a best Hindi blog in the list of top Hindi blogs. On this site you get the news of all the places in India. Like, you will find it in some popular categories like Politics, World, Technical knowledge, Business, Lifestyle, Entertainment along with many more on this popular Hindi news website.

Global Rank: 1,926

India Rank: 171


You must have known about Aaj Tak as aajtak news channel is very popular. In the same way, is also a very top Hindi news website on the top blog of Hindi News.

Global Rank: 464

India Rank: 46

16) Bashkar.Com

This website of Dp Crop Ltd which has its head office at Gujarat and Corporate office Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. On this hindi blog you will get every type of Hindi news. On this you can know the news of other countries along with India.

Global Rank: 1,341

India Rank: 126

Top Hindi Motivation Sites

17) Achi

Gopal Mishra is a top Hindi blogger in India. He started this Hindi blog in October 2010. And this is the most popular Hindi Motivation site in Motivation. In this, Gopal ji shares a lot of information about health along with Hindi Quotes, Hindi Stories, Self Improvement.

Global Rank: 34,896

India Rank: 2,259


This is also a very best Hindi website created by Vijay Patel, on this Vijay Ji provides information about Motivation, Inspiration, Story, Hindi Quotes, Technology, Job Guides, Blogging, Business.

Global Rank: 3,017,522

India Rank: 206,16


On this Hindi website of Pawan Kumar, who lives in Uttar Pradesh, you will get information about Hindi Story, Quotes, Motivation, Couplets, Health.

Global Rank: 58,576

India Rank: 5,766

20) Gyani

This is also a top Hindi blog site, on this you will get many more information along with Hindi Quotes, Inspiration, Personality Development, History. Friends, on this you will get information in Hindi on many other topics.

Global Rank: 31,136

India Rank: 2,229

21) Happy

On happyhindi site you can learn a lot in your own language. Like Hindi Quotes, Stories. Motivation, etc. Also many new business ideas will also be found on this blog site.

Global Rank: 87,310

India Rank: 9,882

22) Aapki

AapkiSafalata is a very best Hindi Motivation site. On this, you can learn about Life, Motivation, Success Tips, Self Improvement, Hindi Quotes and many more Motivational Success stories.

Global Rank: 141,832

India Rank: 14,387


This Hindi blog has been created by Abdul Qader Khan ji in October 2015. And he provides information on this blog with Hindi Quotes, Hindi Stories, Self Improvement and many more topics.

Global Rank: 521,087

India Rank: 55,046

Best Hindi Travel Blogs


This blog of Tarun Ji is very popular in Indian Hindi Travel Blog. On this, you will get information about every popular place in India. And at the same time, Tarun ji also provides information about many life stories on this.

Global Rank: 2,018,935

India Rank: 189,189


On this blog blog site, Anuradha Goyal ji provides information in Hindi on topics like India Travel, World Travel, Travel Poetry, etc.

Global Rank: 203,048

India Rank: 24,773

Top Hindi Mixed Content Websites


On this popular Hindi blog site, you will get information on many categories like, Quotes, Gazal, Astrology, Syayari, Self Improvement, Health and many other topics.

Global Rank: 97,732

India Rank: 11,099

27) Guide2india.Org

Guide2india is a very best Hindi blog. On this, you will get information on many categories along with Health, Tech, General Knowledge, Short Stories.

Global Rank: 3,097,409

India Rank: 9,919


This is a very top Hindi blog site in Mixed Content Blog. On this, information will be available about minimum 50 – 60 categories from Computer to Mobile Software, Photoshop.

Global Rank: 451,340

India Rank: 109,843

Best Hindi Health Blogs

29) Only My

This is a very popular blog in the list of Health Blog in Hindi. It was started in 2008. On this website, along with Health, Hair & Beauty, Pregnancy, Sex and Relationship, we share information on many other topics.

Global Rank: 27,364

India Rank: 2,080

30) Ilaj Upaya

This is a very good Hindi health blog. Which provide information related to health. Health, Hair & Beauty, Men Health, Ayurveda Pregnancy, Garelu Nuskhe on this hindi blog. Provides quality content on many other topics.

Global Rank: 497,372

India Rank: 144,027


Myupchar is a very good website in Best Hindi blog site. It was started in 2016. And on this Health, Yoga and Fitness,

Diseases and its remedies are very informative information shared on these topics.

Global Rank: 15,173

India Rank: 1,007

32) Kya Kyu

This is a very best Hindi website providing home remedies. On this, we share information related to Beauty Tips, Health, Hair & Beauty, Pregnancy, Sex and Relationship, Ayurveda, Hasta Mudra etc.

Global Rank: 525,707

India Rank: 174,148

Best Education Blogs In Hindi

33) Sarkarihelp

Government Help is a very good blog site in the list of education blog in hindi.

On this you can get information about exam preparation, SSC, Railway etc topics along with GK/GS, Math, English.

Global Rank: 79,048

Indian Rank: 8,921


On this Hindi Educational Website, you will get complete information about SSC, UPPCS, UPSC, Railway, Air Force, CDS, Computer, Gk, English Grammar, Tricky Math, as well as Geography.

Global Rank: 291,595

Indian Rank: 35,349

Top Hindi poetry blogs

If you like reading poetry and you are searching for some best poetry blogs in Hindi, then you must check these Hindi blogs.

You can read Hindi poetry of all kinds on these Hindi Poetry Blogs.

Final Words

So friends these were some top Hindi blogs. If I did not add any best blog to it, then you told me in the comment box below.

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