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                Tricks to increase your blog traffic can help your blog get loads of web traffic instantly. Traffic is tonic for your site performance and things eventually will get you leads. so today we will learn tricks to increase our web traffic.

Freedom to work from anywhere and interest to go ahead day by day keeps you charged up always.

Now, question comes, how do you keep ahead of other to win this race? 

Answer to this is simpler than before. Means, you don't have to win any race here at all. 

You are just competing with yourself and opportunity are limitless. Even if you are behind others, you still may be making millions.

 But still, if you want to be ahead of others, You need hacks. Blogging Hacks. you need to take care of few things which are summed up in following 11 points.

 1. Make a Plan [There is no Shortcut]

     Remember that, only people who succeed in their goal are people with plan. So prepare a plan for your growth and stick to it for few times. If you don't notice growth than feel free to change it.


 2. Prioritize Things You Do on Your Blog [Content and Backlinks ]

            You may have to do number of things in order to rank your blog but don't get lost into it. Just keep yourself out of the chaos and command the ship of your blog just like a captain. 

You can get a list of popular 100 article submission sites here.


 3. Personal Relation is the Key

         Stay connected to other blogger but don't get distracted about what they are doing.

 4. Catchy Titles

         Don't use clickbait as it is a killer trick for blogging but still make your tile relevantly catchy to that readers are compelled to click on them.


 5. Speed of Loading

         Your blog speed should be lightning fast to reduce the bounce rate as people leave sites with heavy load time while browsing on mobile devices.


 6. Promotions.

         Don't hesitate to promote your blogs using paid ads or promotions if you think people are taking interested in a particular topic.


 7. Things Should Go On

         They say never be same again, Every another day, your blog should have more than what it had yesterday.


 8. Design of your Blog

         Your blog should stand out of the crowd to look appealing and you should do each and everything make it look pretty and easy to read or navigate.


 9. Customize Your Headline Maker Plugin

         People use people use easy table of content plugin to make headlines of all the articles at top of the page. But you should change it as in video below.

 10. Start Giveaway on your website.

         Start running contests, take interview and other participation activities to get your readers engaged.

 11. Create an Email List

         Offer something free or use other tactics but ensure that every user who lands on your site subscribe to your newsletter and you can capture your email.





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